Benefits of AcceleDent® During Orthodontic Treatment

It is now possible to straighten your teeth faster and with less discomfort than ever before. The FDA has approved a take-home device called AcceleDent Aura. Acceledent is available at Fishbein Orthodontics for our Invisalign and braces patients, and we already have many patients using it with great results!
Acceledent is a take home orthodontic device that delivers vibration to the teeth. It is worn by teen or adult patients for twenty minutes a day during their traditional braces or Invisalign treatment, and gently vibrates teeth into alignment over time. These vibrations stimulate the blood flow to the teeth to speed up the remodeling process of the bone – allowing the teeth to move faster.
Invisalign treatment ranges from two months to eighteen months. Studies have found that AcceleDent Aura can reduce overall treatment time 38 to 50%. For example, if it is recommended that you wear each Invisalign tray for two weeks, you may be able to switch trays every week.
By speeding up the orthodontic treatment process, you will have less total number of appointments. As an added benefit, many patients report an increase in comfort using Acceledent. Less time wearing braces also results in less opportunity for cavities or discoloring of the teeth that is possible with traditional braces and poor brushing habits.
To learn more about the benefits, watch the following video and visit our AcceleDent® Aura page.
Be sure to inquire about Acceledent during your next visit at Fishbein Orthodontics or give us a call today.