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iTero® – Digital Impressions on the Emerald Coast
The cleanest and most accurate impressions available

At Fishbein Orthodontics, we strive to stay on top of the latest technological advancements in the orthodontic industry. Our doctors and orthodontic team work together to ensure that each of our patients gets the best possible care in a comfortable setting. To ensure this, we provide the latest in orthodontic treatment and care, including Invisalign and the iTero Digital Scanning system at 8 locations on the Emerald Coast.

iTero - Digital Impressions

What is an iTero Digital Scanner?

iTero is the newest orthodontic technology available in our offices. This technology uses a 3-dimensional scan to give us a very accurate digital model of your teeth. This model will help us determine and create a more efficient and effective orthodontic treatment plan. iTero technology uses intuitive imaging and software that generates digital models of your teeth that are reproducible and allows real-time consultation with our orthodontists.
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How does the iTero system work?

Scanning for orthodontic treatment with the iTero Digital Scanner begins after our trained orthodontic team enters your prescription into the system.
This system scans whole tooth images with an ergonomic wand. This wand easily fits into the mouth and helps make this short process more comfortable. We will place the wand over one tooth at a time. The laser light that comes out of the wand, scanning that tooth and then submits that scan back into our computer. In minutes, we are able to utilize this precise 3-D digital model of your teeth to better tailor your treatment plan.

Benefits of the iTero 3-D Digital Scanner system:

Elimination of the need for impressions that are made using putty

Real-time consultations with our orthodontists

Digital wand fits easily into the patient’s mouth

Shorter appointment times

Fewer chair side appointments

More accurate Invisalign tray fit

No more gooey impressions!
Fishbein Orthodontics proudly offers the latest technology to our orthodontic patients. With the iTero Digital Scanner, gooey impressions are no longer needed. Instead, we will get a fast and accurate digital model of your teeth with a simple scan. Not only is this more accurate, but it also allows us to get your Invisalign trays back faster!
Invisalign is better with iTero!

Higher accuracy means faster treatment with higher quality results. The iTero Digital Scanner system is the most accurate way to digitally capture images of your teeth. This is why Invisalign works so much better with the iTero Digital system. The iTero Digital process is also much more comfortable than traditional impressions of your teeth.

Lost your


We have your dental model digitally stored!
One great feature of the iTero Digital Scanning system is that we can save a digital model of your teeth. This means that if you lose your retainer, we can reproduce one from the saved digital model of your teeth. Lost your retainer? Not a problem! Just call our office and we’ll have one ready for you!
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We’re Northwest Florida’s Diamond Invisalign Provider

Fishbein Orthodontics is Northwest Florida’s leading provider of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. As a Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider, we have attained Invisalign’s highest achievement. Only the top 1% of providers, of over 50,000 Invisalign certified dentists and orthodontists in North America, have achieved this exclusive status.

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