Dr. Ben Fishbein is a Board Certified Orthodontist and a Diamond Plus Provider of both Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. At Fishbein Orthodontics, we can help you achieve a confident smile.

Orthodontic treatment on the Emerald Coast can not only improve the aesthetic aspect of a smile, but also improve the function of your jaw, promoting overall health. In some cases, our doctors will recommend early treatment. Early treatment can lead to positive jaw growth, correction of harmful dental habits, the guidance of permanent teeth, and improved self-esteem.

No matter which of our 8 convenient locations you visit us at, you can expect the highest quality of family orthodontic care!

The Highest Quality of

Orthodontic Treatment

on the Emerald Coast

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Invisalign Teen is ideal for young patients who need orthodontic treatment – but don’t necessarily want traditional braces.
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We’re proud to provide Invisalign for teens and adults! As Top 1% Diamond Invisalign Providers, we have the experience you deserve.
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Orthodontic Checkup

We provide a free early orthodontic exam to give your child the best opportunity for a healthy and beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.
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Adolescent Treatment

The recommended time for teen braces or orthodontics for adolescents is between the ages of 11 and 15.
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Adult Treatment

We offer a variety of aesthetic orthodontic treatment options, which many adult patients find to be ideal choices.
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Dentofacial Orthopedics

Most people know that orthodontists straighten teeth, but did you know that they also assist in changing the shape of the facial bones and jaws?
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Early Treatment

We provide expert early orthodontic treatment for children on the Emerald Coast!
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InBrace braces are completely hidden from view! Teens and adults can straighten their smiles with confidence.
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Jaw Surgery

Orthognathic surgery in conjunction with orthodontic treatment can correct common conditions while improving overall facial aesthetics.
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Performance Mouthguards

We are proud to be a certified provider of custom Under Armour Mouth Guards on the Emerald Coast! Let’s get you fitted for a custom mouthguard.
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Propel VPro5

Get your best smile in half the time! We are proud to offer VPro5 as an Accelerated Orthodontic Kit to speed up the process to achieve your perfect smile.
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We’re proud to offer same day delivery for your retainer on the day your braces come off at any of our 8 convenient locations.
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Space Maintainers

If your child has lost a baby tooth early, they may need a space maintainer.
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Thumb Sucking

We can help your child break the thumb-sucking habit for good! Find out how thumb-sucking can damage your child’s smile.
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Same Day Braces

You don’t have to wait any longer to start the process! Get braces on your very first visit.