Congratulations to Our 3 New Embraces Winners!

We are thrilled to announce that we have chosen 3 winners of our second EmBraces essay contest!


Franiya Copening, 8 years old from Navarre, Anna Kennedy, 13 years old from Pace, and Isaiah Mainer, 8 years old from Pace, were chosen based on their stories of overcoming bullying. Each winner will receive free orthodontic treatment from Fishbein Orthodontics!



Franiya used journaling to help overcome the effects of bullying and now lives every day with “soul and a smile.” She even has written her own short story about how she overcame bullying and has presented her book to schools to encourage others to embrace their differences.



Thirteen-year old Anna told her story of how she confronted bullies who were making fun of her best friend for her learning disability, which ended the conflict and helped the group to become friends



At only 8 years old, Isaiah is a cancer survivor. His mom Stephanie said of his bullying experience, “I didn’t expect he would be bullied because of his teeth[…] My 8-year-old kid who is just happy to be alive is usually too embarrassed to smile in pictures because of the issues with his teeth.”


Dr. Fishbein launched the EmBraces anti-bullying initiative to take a stand against bullying and educate students on the importance of the acceptance of others. EmBraces strives to reward champions of inclusiveness and positivity throughout the community, just like Franiya, Anna, and Isaiah.

Throughout this program, we hope to build a network of young ambassadors that spread positivity and educate the importance of embracing others, and in addition to receiving free treatment, the three winners will be the first of the Fishbein’s EmBraces Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

At the end of the Summer, one of the six winners from both rounds will be chosen to be the Fishbein Embraces Anti-Bullying Ambassador for the ‘18-‘19 school year and receive a $2,500 scholarship.

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