Slow the Spread & Spread Positivity

With so much worry and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we could all benefit from some positive news!

The Fish Ortho team is taking every necessary precaution to help slow the spread of the virus and support our community during this crisis. We are offering free virtual consultations as a convenient and safe solution to complete new patient exams.

We also want to help curb fears and concerns by shedding light on some promising COVID-19 facts and statistics!

Here are 10 positive updates about COVID-19 to lift your spirits:

  1. China has shut down all 16 temporary coronavirus hospitals in Wuhan as the number of coronavirus cases has decreased drastically. (Source)
  2. Coronavirus vaccine testing has begun in the U.S. (Source)
  3. A 103-year-old woman in Wuhan, China has recovered from coronavirus. (Source)
  4. A 104-year-old man in Oregon, U.S. has recovered from coronavirus. (Source)
  5. The FDA has approved a coronavirus test that produces results in as little as 45 minutes. (Current tests can take up to 24 hours to produce results.) (Source)
  6. Due to quarantining, emissions in China and Italy have reduced, causing air pollution levels to decrease drastically. (Source1, Source2)
  7. Researchers estimate that as many as 77,500 lives could be saved from reduced pollution due to quarantine. (Source)
  8. Johns Hopkins’ researchers are working on a coronavirus screening test that checks nasal swabs and could analyze hundreds of people in a single day. (Source)
  9. The water in Venice, Italy is clearer with less traffic on the canals. (Source)
  10. People are coming together to offer support for vulnerable people who have been advised not to leave their homes during the crisis. (Source)

Let’s continue taking strong measures to flatten the curve and slow the spread of the coronavirus. From the Fish Ortho family to yours, please stay healthy, safe and mindful. We wish you the absolute best!