5 Reasons to Choose An Invisalign Elite Provider

5 Reasons to Choose An Invisalign Elite Provider


Fishbein Orthodontics is proud to be an Elite Invisalign Provider in the Penasacola area.  Elite Invisalign Providers are in the top 5% of providers as designated by Invisalign.  What does this mean?  This means that Dr. Fishbein has treated a significant number of complex Invisalign cases and has taken the necessary courses to understand the benefit of the technology that Invisalign can provide.  With more and more Invisalign providers, we’ve listed 5 reasons to make sure your Invisalign treatment is completed by an Invisalign Elite Provider.


1. Elite Invisalign Providers can treat a wide variety of cases

Becoming an Invisalign Elite Provider requires an orthodontist to treat a minimum of 300+ successful Invisalign cases.  As a result of this experience, Dr. Fishbein can treat moderate to complex orthodontic cases using the Invisalign system.


2. An Elite Invisalign Provider can show you results

At Fishbein Orthodontics, because of our experience with Invisalign, potential patients will be able to see actual photos of our other patient’s Invisalign successes.  In fact, even some of our Fishbein Orthodontics team members are currently wearing, or have worn Invisalign.


3. You are guaranteed a doctor with Invisalign experience

Although there are a number of Invisalign providers, only Invisalign Elite Providers and top 1% Invisalign providers treat 100 or more successful Invisalign cases per year.  Seeing an Invisalign Elite Provider like Dr. Fishbein guarantees you will be seeing an orthodontist with Invisalign experience.


4. Elite Invisalign providers can provide Invisalign at a better price

Due to the high number of Invisalign cases treated, Invisalign Elite providers can often offer Invisalign at a lower price then other Invisalign providers.  In fact, Fishbein Orthodontics passes on our lab savings to our patients, making Invisalign just as affordable as braces.

5. Elite Invisalign providers allow you to distinguish the Invisalign experts from the Invisalign providers

With more and more Invisalign providers, it becomes difficult to distinguish the experts in the field regarding Invisalign.  When an Invisalign provider is designated as ‘Elite’, you can rest assured that they have the proper experience to treat your case.  Dr. Fishbein is proud to be the only Elite Invisalign Provider in the area, and has successfully treated a number of complex Invisalign cases that were once told they were not a candidate by other providers.


Invisalign is simply a tool.  It is important to find the right orthodontist who has experience and knowledge with it.  As the only Invisalign Elite Provider in Pensacola, Navarre, Pace, or Perdido, you can be sure that Dr. Fishbein has the experience and expertise necessary to evaluate how Invisalign can work for you.  At Fishbein Orthodontics, we offer a free consultation, and can even show you a before and after simulated Invisalign result on your first appointment.


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