5 Reasons You Should Smile More

Great power lies within our smile.  Smiling has surprising effects on our mood, success and overall health.  At Fishbein Orthodontics, we believe everyone deserves to feel confident about their smile.  That is why we offer a complimentary consultation and flexible financial options in order to get you there!  Here are 5 reasons why you should smile more today!


1.  Smiling reduces stress

A study published by the journal of Psychological Science found that those who smile the biggest had a substantial reduction in heart rate and quicker stress recovery when performing a stressful task.  This means the next time you find yourself in a stressful situation, try smiling!  It may allow you to perform the task better and with less stress.


2.  Smiling Makes you more approachable

A Penn State University study found that waiters and waitresses who smiled more were found to be more likable and friendly to their customers.  In fact, the customers felt more satisfied with their overall experience just from having been smiled at.  Want to make people around you happy?  Try smiling more!

3.  Smiles are contagious

Have you ever noticed how someone you’re with will reciprocate a smile after you smile?  There’s a scientific explanation.  Humans posses something called mirror neurons that are activated when we perform certain actions and see others performing those same actions.  If you want to make others around you smile, it can be as simple as smiling at them!


4.  Smiles make you appear more trustworthy

In a study done by the University of Pittsburgh, researchers found that the more models smiled, the more trustworthy they ranked.  Psychology shows that a person who smiles appears more trustworthy than a person with a neutral expression.  In fact, even the intensity of the smile affects the level of perceived trustworthiness!

5.  Smiling makes you more productive

Smiling doesn’t only improve your mood, it can actually make you more productive!  Studies have found that happiness has a significant effect on productivity at the workplace.  The opposite is true as well!  Negative emotions can have the opposite effect as happiness and even drain your productivity.  Put on a smile at work and get more accomplished!


With all the benefits of smiling, what is more important than having a smile you can feel confident about?  At Fishbein Orthodontics, we make getting a confident smile easy by offering Braces & Invisalign at an affordable price.  First appointments are complimentary and we have locations in Pensacola, Navarre, Perdido, Pace, and Crestview.  We look forward to meeting you.  Smile more!