Age to see an Orthodontist?

What age should my child see an Orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontics and Dr. Fishbein recommend that a child sees an Orthodontist by the age of 7. At this age, Dr. Fishbein can assess any growth and guidance issues that should be addressed earlier then later.  The reason these problems should be addressed early is because some growth modification appliances that can be used with growing children can not be used at a later age.


There are multiple reasons that the American Association of Orthodontists recommend a child should be seen at age 7.  These include:  crowding, spacing, anterior crossbite, posterior crossbite, overbite, habits, protrusion, and underbite.  These issues may be able to be corrected early, allowing your child’s jaws to grow and function appropriately.


The detection of orthodontic problems at this age does not necessarily mean that orthodontic treatment is warranted at this age.  Many orthodontic issues can be monitored until all the adult teeth are erupted.  Dr. Fishbein can determine what age is the most appropriate to start orthodontic treatment at your consultation.


Fishbein Orthodontics is happy to assess any orthodontic issues without charge at the consultation appointment.  If your child is not ready for Orthodontic treatment then we will monitor the growth and guidance of their teeth.  You and your child will see Dr. Fishbein at every visit, ensuring that you will receive efficient treatment and an amazing result.


At age 7, your child should have their first permanent molars erupted.  These teeth are important for chewing food appropriately!  The first permanent molars can be used for orthodontic and orthopedic appliances including rapid palatal expanders and space maintainers.


Dr. Fishbein will sometimes recommend orthodontic treatment that does not require braces!  There are orthopedic appliances that can be used such as a rapid palatal expander that widens the upper jaw to create more space for the adult teeth to erupt.  At your complimentary consultation appointment, Dr. Fishbein can determine what orthodontic treatment is best suited for your child.


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