Cast Your Vote for Ellie’s New Look!

We’ve recently been named Northwest Florida’s Top 1% Invisalign Provider! This prestigious honor is a lot to celebrate, and we’re doing just that by giving Chompers little sister, Ellie, an update. We’ll be tallying your votes on which version of Ellie’s new look should become permanent. Anyone who votes by sharing their choice on Facebook will receive a t-shirt with the winning design the next time they visit our office! So click your favorite below, and let us know who you want to win!

Cast Your Vote for Ellie's New Look!

What does it mean to be Top 1%?

Each year, Invisalign gives different designations to their providers. Each level means a higher or lower level of expertise in treating patients with the Invisalign aligner system. This year, we’ve been given highest level of provider which is the Top 1%. This means our patients can be confident that they’re getting the best orthodontic treatment in the area. In fact, Fishebein Orthodontics is one of the only Top 1% Invisalign provider in Northwest Florida! Click here to learn more.