Five Reasons Why Summer is a Great Time to Begin Orthodontic Treatment

Summer is the perfect time for children and teens to get an orthodontic evaluation at Fishbein Orthodontics. We’ve come up with a few great reasons why summer may be the ideal time for you or your child to start orthodontic treatment with us:


  1. Time for appointments. Without the obligations of school, children and teens have more time for orthodontic appointments. No worries about rushing back to that important test or cheerleading practice. You might have more time yourself, especially at the end of vacations or staycations.
  2. Saturday Appointments. Don’t have time to come in during the week in the summer? Fishbein Orthodontics proudly offers Saturday appointments.
  3. Summer Smile. Want a great summer smile? Start your orthodontic process with us today. With Invisalign your smile can start it’s transformation without anyone knowing.
  4. Snowie. Did you know at our office we have Snowie? Snowie is our snow cone truck that we provide for community, school, group, and team fundraisers. Snowie is great for a cool treat – especially during the summer.
  5. Time to get used to your new braces diet. Traditional braces wearers will have to get used to avoiding sticky or hard foods. Summer is a great time to practice good habits in these areas. Also, for those Invisalign Teen patients, there are good habits to learn for proper use.


If you miss a summer orthodontic start, don’t panic – our appointments are quick and relatively painless; and your child will adjust quickly. While your child is still out of school for summer, be sure to request an appointment online to see Dr. Fishbein and the team at Fishbein Orthodontics in the Pensacola, Navarre, Perdido, and Pace area for orthodontic care! That first appointment can lead to a new smile and a lifetime of self-esteem and improved health.