How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign, sometimes referred to as invisible braces, is an esthetic orthodontic option to straighten your teeth.  Fishbein Orthodontics is the only Elite provider of Invisalign in the Pensacola, Navarre, Pace, and Perdido area.  This means that Fishbein Orthodontics has successfully treated hundreds of patients using Invisalign!  So how does it work?


Initial Consultation

At Fishbein Orthodontics, the initial consultation (first appointment) is complimentary.  A patient will have their records taken and meet with Dr. Fishbein to discuss their goals and treatment options.  There is often more than one option available.  In fact, at Fishbein Orthodontics, we have treated patients with Invisalign who were once told they were not a candidate for it.



At Fishbein Orthodontics, we have the latest technology including the iTero Element Scanner.  This allows us to capture an impression of your teeth in 2-5 minutes without using any of the traditional gooey impression material.  The scan is incredibly accurate, providing a better fit, and in our opinion, a better result.  Our scan also allows for a quicker turnaround time for patients to receive their Invisalign trays, and often as soon as 2 to 3 weeks.


Simulation (ClinCheck)

Immediately after a scan is taken, we are able to display a simulated outcome of the treatment result.  This allows us to review goals of treatment, to assure that our patients will be happy with their final result.  Once the simulation (referred to as a ClinCheck) is approved, Invisalign will send our office your trays that our made to your specifications.  Each tray is worn for 7-14 days and you will only need to visit our office every 8-14 weeks.  We even have Saturday appointments open for your convenience!


3D Printing

After receiving your scan from our office, Invisalign will print 3-dimensional trays to custom fit your teeth.  Each tray will vary slightly, allowing new tooth movement each time you put in a new tray.  The number of trays will vary from as little as 5 trays to more than 40 trays!  Our average number of trays is between 15-25 trays, and our average recommended wear time per tray is 10 days.



At Fishbein Orthodontics, we guarantee a patient will love their results!  That is why we offer an Invisalign refinement at no additional charge once your initial trays are completed.  This allows our patients to fine tune any minor discrepancies with additional Invisalign trays.



There is nothing more important to us than a patients result and experience!  Check out some our before and after photos on our website.  After your Invisalign is completed, we have a number of retainer options including clear, traditional, and permanent retainers.


Why Fishbein Orthodontics

As Fishbein Orthodontics is the only Elite Invisalign provider in the area, you can rest assured that your doctor will have the experience needed to treat your case with Invisalign.  Additionally, as an Elite provider, Fishbein Orthodontics is able to pass on a cost savings on Invisalign to our patients.


As always, an initial consultation is complimentary.  Please send us an online request or call us 850-477-1089 to set up your free Invisalign or braces consultation.  Have an Invisalign question?  Email us at