InBrace Braces (Behind the Teeth)

Dr. Fishbein is Pensacola’s Leading InBrace Provider!

When you visit Fishbein Orthodontics, you’ll be receiving exceptional orthodontic care from our expert orthodontist Dr. Ben Fishbein. As your trusted braces provider and Invisalign preferred provider, Dr. Fishbein is also a leading provider of InBrace Braces. When you see Dr. Fishbein for “hidden braces” treatment, you’ll be seeing the leading InBrace provider of Pensacola, FL.


Everything You Need to Know About InBrace

InBrace braces function similar to traditional braces. Both systems use wires and brackets to give you a straighter and healthier smile. The difference lies in its visibility and levels of customization.


Regular braces are visible, while InBrace braces are not. Traditional braces are attached to the front of your teeth, and our visible when smiling. InBrace braces are behind your teeth, where they are well hidden from plain sight!